About Us

ThermaGlo is an enterprise that combines the collective experience and business acumen of entrepreneurs and the Mohegan Tribe. Our core abilities include decades of experience in operations and marketing, and the financial strength and clarity of vision necessary for organizational success.

ThermaGlo Premium wood pellet fuels will initially serve the consumer home heating markets, with a rapid ramp-up to address the needs of industry and energy-producing markets at home and overseas. With ENPlus A1 certification, ThermaGlo will find broad appeal in the EU, Great Britain and Asian markets as a carbon-neutral fuel.

At ThermaGlo, we are dedicated to environmentally sensitive product development.


“Dear Sir:

We … service 4500 multi-fuel stoves… We have a need for a reliable wood pellet supplier that may supply our retail customers as well as our dealers with good quality pellets… We recently obtained a pallet of your product from your Peebles plant (via RKO) and are pleased with your packaging and few fines (dust). The pellets burn reasonably well and leave small amounts of ash. We believe our customers would do well in burning your pellets…

Thank you for your time,

AmaizAblaze Team”