Mission Statement

  • Renewable Resources

    Our mission is to promote the broad-scale use of wood fiber from sawmill waste and untreated residues from the wood processing industry into a high efficiency, low cost heating product, in both household and industrial markets. Wood fiber is a readily available renewable energy resource that produces global environmental benefits and contributes to our nation’s energy independence.

  • Premium Quality

    We focus on the production of premium wood fiber pellets with the lowest ash content and highest energy value obtainable on the market. We employ rigorous and continuous testing procedures to assure that industry quality and performance standards are exceeded. In short, our mission is to make ThermaGlo the industry standard.

  • Diversified International Markets

    Our mission is to develop a leadership position in all markets for ThermaGlo products, throughout the United States and abroad, with efficient shipping and handling capabilities tailored to the requirements of both retail and bulk shipment customers.

  • Building Community

    Wherever ThermaGlo operates, our mission is to support the local economy by providing a safe work environment that attracts, develops and retains exceptional talent and allows employees to reach their full potential.